Jen Cassaro Productions
Jen Cassaro Productions
Jen Cassaro Productions


I am an event filmmaker based in New York, but will travel anywhere on the east coast.

I have been documenting wedding stories since 1994 and they never fail to inspire me!

My cameras and I will blend in with your guests on your wedding day to tell your unique story in a documentary yet dramatic fashion; absolutely NO obnoxious special effects.

The result is an extraordinary, yet simple & beautiful wedding movie that will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

Photographs are important, and I LOVE working hand in hand with your photographer to tell the WHOLE story of your day.

All of those little natural moments that happen “in-between the camera clicks” are priceless.

Sound is such a vital element in my movies and I believe that no story is truly complete without the natural audio of the day.

I understand the importance of documenting this day for future generations and pride myself on being unobtrusive…

Love it when I’m told, “we didn’t even notice you were there!”

Looking forward to being an honored guest at your wedding!

I’ll be the one smiling behind the camera.


Call, text, or email today to check my availability for your date!